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    PMC-Eight GoTo Computerized Mounts


    Designed by Explore Scientific's Engineers, the PMC-Eight™ represents a new approach to robotic precision motion control for telescope mounts with a robust eight-processor electronics board for a wide range of software clients. While the design is innovative, we are doing what no other telescope company has done, and that is to make the controlling interface language and example software code open source, so that programmers in the astronomical community can create new platforms and new astronomy GoTo experiences to best suit their needs. Moreover, Explore Scientific encourages the sharing of these innovations via our OpenGOTO Community.

    A major advantage of our GoTo mounts is that they can be controlled (wired or wirelessly) by any ASCOM compatible software. In addition, Explore Scientific offers a free software app, called ExploreStars™, that controls our GoTo mounts (wired or wirelessly) via a PC, laptop, or tablet. ExploreStars™ is currently available for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 systems, Android, and an iOS version is in test phase now, to be released soon.

    Click here for more about the PMC-Eight, ExploreStars App, and the ASCOM driver.

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