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Custom Services - Explore Scientific

Many amateur astronomers wish to have third-party hardware and software integrations and other custom services that go beyond normal tech support. 

Now Explore Scientific Custom Services (CS) can help as we independently hire engineers and contract with experts to customize Explore Scientific and other-brand or 3rd-party products.

The process is straightforward, you come to us with your need that fits one of these categories:

  • Camera/Computer/Software Integrations (CCSI) for Telescopes
  • Attaching Custom Focusers to Telescopes
  • Professional PMC-Eight GOTO Upgrade Systems for Large Telescopes
  • Observatory Installations
  • Black 3.0 Enhanced Anti-Reflection Interior Coatings for Telescopes, Microscopes, and Adapters
  • Telescope Cleaning and Adjustments
  • Microscope Cleaning and Adjustments
  • Precision Binocular Collimation
  • Mirror Coating Services

We then find an available partner from our vetted team and give you a quote. You are then contacted for payment and shipping instructions, or in the case of on-site projects, with details of sending an engineer to you. Explore Scientific's Tech Support Team handles all communication, price quotes, and scheduling.





Custom PMC-Eight Systems 

PMC-Eight Pro Install for the Badlands Observatory


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