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Explore Alliance Ambassador - Mher Khachatryan

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Since early childhood Mher Khachatryan was fascinated by Astronomy. At the age of 10, he loved to read the only astronomy textbook available to him, from his elder brothers’ school pack. Leaving his village at the age of 13, he went to study in Yerevan, Armenia, at Physmath specialized school, after A. Shahinyan, with his mind set on gaining knowledge about astronomy.

In his first year at the specialized school besides studying math and physics, Mher was also engaged in the extracurricular study group–for Astronomy olympiad training at Physmath as well as for the more popular-scientific group - AYAS (Armenian Youth Aerospace Society). Its main purpose of the latter is to popularize physics, and astronomy and teach intuition at a very fundamental level. 

After intensive work at olympiad training, Mher had the luck to win various prizes in local republican olympiads and participate in International Astronomy Olympiad in 2015.

From 2017 to 2021 Mher studied theoretical physics at Yerevan State University, combining studies with research at ICRANet-Armenia, studying active galactic nuclei and doing data analysis and later machine learning.

From the year 2021 Mher has been doing his MS studies in mathematics at the same university while continuing his research in machine learning and high-energy astrophysics.


Starting from 2015 Mher has been part of the Armenian amateur astronomy club, Goodricke JOHN NGO, actively participating in various stargazing events, and popularizing amateur astronomy.

In 2018 Mher signed in as a member of AYAS NGO, continuing to popularize astronomy and science.

In 2020  December, Mher co-founded a specialized telescope online shop - SpaceShop42, to develop the amateur astronomers’ community and popularize astronomy and physics in Armenia. Within activities of SpaceShop42 Mher participated in organizing stargazing events, and astrotours. He has conducted seminars  and online webinars  in rural areas of Armenia and talked about astronomy.,


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