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Global Star Party - Etiquette

For those of you who are regulars to the GSP, you are familiar with our format of 15-20 minute presentation segments, our “stay on topic” policy, and that the presentations are meant for a family audience. The host of the program is tasked with the oversight of these rules. 

If you are not presenting at the time, please mute yourself on Zoom to keep background noise from invading the current presentation.  

It is a good idea to watch the live simulcast on our YouTube channel on a separate computer that you will be broadcasting on with the microphone and speakers disabled (the computer that you are linked to Zoom on). This prevents echoes from occurring. 

Note that another advantage of watching the live broadcast (which is delayed several seconds from the live Zoom meeting) is to watch how the person’s presentation that precedes yours is going. While we all try to follow the schedule sometimes some of us run shorter or slightly over. You do want to follow the schedule as closely as you can, as a courtesy to others who are waiting to give their presentation. 

You will notice that there is a chat function in Zoom that you can use to chat with everyone or with a specific person. If you are not familiar with sharing your powerpoint on Zoom, watch this video:

Presenters are asked to be courteous to the next presenter in the schedule. If the host finds that a given presentation is running overtime, that presenter will receive a message to “wrap up in one minute” from the host via a text message from the Zoom chat tool. If after two messages to wrap up, the presenter still continues, the host will intervene to move to the next presenter.  

Since the GSP is a live program some audio comments are allowed during almost any presentation (“secondary comments”) by the other presenters that the audience will hear. However be mindful that too much secondary commentary is disruptive, distracting, and can cause a presenter to run overtime. 

YouTube is the best platform for you to watch for live chats from the audience as it combines chats from the other social media platforms that we simulcast to. Watch at