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Explore Alliance Ambassador - Carroll Iorg
Missouri USA
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In the realm of astronomy, Carroll Iorg is the President of the Astronomical League, where his passion for the cosmos and involvement in the astronomical community knows no bounds. His interest in astronomy suggests a desire to explore and understand the mysteries of the universe, further underscoring his multifaceted engagement with diverse interests.

Beyond the academic and astronomical domains, Carroll holds a significant role as the District Deputy Grand Master of the 17th Masonic District of Missouri. This role demonstrates his leadership and involvement in community organizations, emphasizing the importance of community service and fraternal bonds.

Iorg is a distinguished individual with a diverse array of roles and a strong commitment to both education and community service. Hailing from Elkhead, Missouri, and currently residing in Kansas City, Carroll has made significant contributions in various domains.

Educationally, Carroll pursued his studies at the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC), reflecting his dedication to higher education. He has been an active member of the academic community, utilizing his educational background to engage in enriching pursuits.

Carroll has played a vital role within the Missouri State University Alumni Association, where he has worked diligently. Notably, he has held positions such as a council member and contributed to the association's activities, highlighting his dedication to fostering strong connections within the university community.

Carroll Iorg's diverse engagement in education, astronomy, and community service underscores his well-rounded personality and his dedication to contributing to various facets of society. His extensive involvement is a testament to his commitment to both personal growth and the betterment of the community.



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