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Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Kaitlynn Goulette

Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Kaitlynn Goulette
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Kaitlynn Goulette's passion for astronomy was ignited during her initial visit to the Springfield Science Museum's planetarium. Subsequently, she delved into the museum's monthly Stars Over Springfield event and swiftly joined the Springfield STARS Club. At a mere age of seven, inspired by local amateur astronomers, Kaitlynn engaged in a year-round double star observing program orchestrated by Sissy Haas.

This adoration for the night sky significantly shaped her academic journey. In the 6th grade, she established a space and astronomy club, orchestrating numerous observing events attended by her classmates and their families, utilizing her own equipment. Unfortunately, the club's growth was stymied by the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, seizing the opportunity of the ensuing lockdown, Kaitlynn commenced the monthly newsletter, the Starry Scoop, disseminating current space and astronomy events nationwide since April 2020.

As pandemic restrictions gradually eased, Kaitlynn initiated another space and astronomy club within her middle school. This club thrived with active members dedicating countless hours to observing the night sky. Presently in 10th grade, Kaitlynn is the president and founder of her high school's space and astronomy club, ensuring its active engagement and regular observation sessions, often involving collaboration with other school clubs.

Kaitlynn is a distinguished graduate of the Arunah Hill Natural Science Center's Starwatch leadership program. Additionally, she serves as a panelist for the Springfield Science Museum's monthly online outreach program, AstroQuest. Holding the position of director at the Springfield STARS Club since January 1st, 2022, she further demonstrates her commitment to the realm of astronomy.

Beyond her astronomical pursuits, Kaitlynn excels as a varsity tennis athlete and finds joy in playing the saxophone within her high school band. Alongside her sister, she generously volunteers at a local nursing home, brightening the residents' days with musical performances. Kaitlynn also takes on the role of head student editor at her high school newspaper and proudly holds the title of Project-351 alumnus, a student-led service organization partnering with the Governor across the commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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