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Laurie V. Ansorge is a dedicated starry sky gazer and photographer with degrees in Photography, Business Management, and Project Management. As a life member of both the Astronomical League (AL) and Girl Scouts USA, Laurie has been deeply involved in the astronomy community. She actively participates in NASA partner programs such as Girl Scouts Stars, Eclipse Ambassadors, and Eclipse Stars. She also serves as the Astronomical League Coordinator (ALCOR) for Westminster.

In the Fall of 2018, Laurie led a Girl Scout team that won the 2019 Astronomy Day award through the Astronomical League, showcasing her leadership and passion for astronomy outreach. Her efforts were further recognized in 2022 when she achieved the Astronomical League’s Master Level for Outreach (#1167-M), an honor reflecting her commitment and numerous contributions. Laurie has earned various observing programs and challenge pins and certificates, highlighting her dedication to the field.

Currently, Laurie serves as a Girl Scout volunteer educator and the Treasurer for the Westminster Astronomical Society (WASI), where she plays a pivotal role in organizing and supporting numerous events. She is also a member of the TriState Astronomers, with both clubs earning top "Stars" honors on the Night Sky Network (NSN). Laurie’s involvement extends to being a beta tester for NSN and Unistellar, further emphasizing her active engagement with the latest in astronomical technology and outreach.

Now retired in Maryland, Laurie resides with her spouse Al and their three cherished rescue kitties. Together, Laurie and Al collaborate in astronomy outreach and outdoor education. Their commitment to community engagement is further demonstrated by their certification as archery instructors, showing their versatility and dedication to educating and inspiring others.

Laurie V. Ansorge’s journey is a testament to her unwavering passion for astronomy and her dedication to sharing that passion with the community. Through her extensive outreach efforts and educational contributions, Laurie continues to inspire and engage people of all ages in the wonders of the universe.


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