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Explore Alliance Affiliate: The Nebraska Star Party

Nebraska Star Party

The Nebraska Star Party is an Explore Alliance Affiliate Organization

It is estimated that one-third of the human population has not seen the Milky Way due to light pollution, but you can experience the awe and splendor of one of nature's most amazing sights from one of Explore Scientific's favorite events, the Nebraska Star Party

Held each year during a new moon (usually in August) in the Sandy Hills Region of Nebraska, the astronomical views from Merritt Reservoir’s Snake Campground are jaw-dropping.  With true 'Bortle Class 1' skies, it is so dark that you are likely to become disoriented as you get lost in thousands of stars which initially makes it difficult to pick out familiar constellations. With the absence of artificial light the glow of the Milky Way can be so bright that it casts shadows. 

A veteran amateur astronomer and organizer of one of the finest star parties in the world, John Johnson came to Explore Scientific to pick up door prizes for the event, and spends some time with Scott Roberts as they tell you why NSP is a must-attend event for any amateur astronomer because there is something for everyone, from rank beginner to seriously advanced.

Watch this video as we cover how you should prepare for any star party, including rules and etiquette, how to be safe and comfortable, and what it's like to experience ultra-dark skies.