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Explore FirstLight 80mm CF Telescope Go-To Tracker Combo with Solar Filter

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Explore FirstLight 80mm Refractor

    • Optical tube assembly only ready for daytime solar or nighttime stellar use, for visual or astroimaging applications. 
    • 80mm aperture will reveal impressive lunar details ranging from craters to rilles, planetary features like Saturn’s ring structure or Jupiter’s cloud belts; and bright deep sky treasures like galaxies, nebulae and clusters.
    • Telescope comes with an over-the-lens professional-grade solar filter, for studies of sunspot activity, observations of partial phases of an eclipse, or transits. 
    • Adapter included allowing connecting a DSLR using a T2 ring specific to each brand of camera.
    • Precision 25mm Plössl eyepiece, a 90° diagonal for more comfortable viewing and a red dot viewfinder to aid in object location.
    • Built-in dew shield slows moisture build-up on the objective lens and reduces interference from stray light.
    • Included adapter helps observers use their smart device to capture and share images.
    • Rugged metal tube construction with black carbon fiber look.
    • Telescope mounts to all of Explore Scientific mounts and other popular altazimuth and equatorial mounts.

    NOTE: The Solar Filter material being used is the new advanced ‘Solarlite’ Film manufactured by world-famous Thousand Oaks Optical through years of research and development. ‘Solarlite’ a new solar film that has the optical quality of glass with the advantages of impregnated polymer -- perfect for the solar astrophotographer!

    The solar film used with this telescope is the same material used in Explore Scientific Eclipse Glasses which is rated ISO12312–2tested and approved by ICS Labs for Direct Observation of the Sun. In addition, Explore Scientific Eclipse Glasses are meant to be used by anyone from adult to children under 14 years of age, which requires stringent ASTM testing and compliancy. ASTM is a mandatory set of safety rules and regulations under ASTM F963 – Standard Consumer Safety Specification for addressing safety requirements for any object designed, manufactured or marketed for children under 14 years of age. In addition we are recognized by the American Astronomical Association as a supplier of safe eclipse glasses.

iEXOS-100 PMC-Eight Equatorial Tracker System

  • Integrated Explore Scientific PMC-Eight™ system that transcends the industry standard single processor by utilizing eight CPUs that operate independently of one another to focus on defined functions, which results in superior responsiveness, efficiency, reliability and astoundingly fast timing intervals.
  • Clutched dual-axis worm gears with quiet precision stepper motor belt drives
  • Intuitive ExploreStars app, which is available for Apple, Android and Windows tablets, that makes it simple to operate the GOTO system. Through it, users can quickly align their telescope, navigate the stars and learn specifics about tens of thousands of celestial objects
  • Clutched RA and Declination axis are smooth and allow for precise balancing which makes the process of repositioning your telescope efficient
  • Polar alignment sight hole through the RA axis and precise altitude control for fast alignment without polar scope.
  • Battery pack powering the PMC-Eight™ system uses 8 C batteries and is secured in a bracket on one of the tripod legs when in use
  • Two 1 kg counterweights included
  • Glow-in-the-dark markings on mount and tripod


Whether you're eager to explore the intricacies of the Sun, delve into the breathtaking beauty of Saturn's Ring Structure, document the dynamic changes in Mars' ice caps, or embark on a mesmerizing journey through the vastness of time and space to discover deep sky wonders, the versatile Explore FirstLight 80mm CF Optical Tube Assembly with Solar Filter provides an observation package tailored to your specific needs. This telescope comes equipped with essential tools for solar exploration, featuring a lightweight telescope, a professional-grade over-the-lens solar filter, a smartphone camera adapter, eyepiece, and a fully-adjustable red dot viewfinder.

The FirstLight AR80mm showcases a 640mm focal length, f/8 telescope with a precision fully-coated optical Crown-and-Flint main objective lens. Notable features include an oversize 40mm draw tube focuser for optimal field illumination, especially for smartphone astroimaging. The package also includes a Solar Filter, a 1.25" O.D. 90° Diagonal, a 1.25" O.D. 4-element fully-coated 25mm Plossl eyepiece (25.6 X; 1.95 Deg True FOV), an adapter to connect a DSLR using a T2 ring specific to each brand of camera, a Red-dot Finder, and a Smartphone Camera adapter.

iEXOS-100 PMC-Eight

-Jim Johnston Astrophotographer

The iEXOS-100 PMC-Eight™ Equatorial Tracker System is the ideal equatorial mount designed to complement the capabilities of the FirstLight AR80. This comprehensive astronomical solution features a computerized WiFi or wired GOTO Equatorial Tracker equipped with integrated PMC-Eight™ electronics, making it compatible with DSLR Cameras attached to a standard "Vixen Style" Dovetail Plate. Seamlessly connect to the ExploreStars App for Tablets (Windows, Android, Amazon, and Apple), or use the free ASCOM Standards Compliant PMC-Eight™ ASCOM driver with the ASCOM POTH Client from Explore Scientific, either wired or wireless, to interface with a wide range of sky software. Please note that a tablet or computer must be purchased separately.

The iEXOS-100 incorporates a reliable German equatorial mount design and leverages Explore Scientific’s revolutionary PMC-Eight™ Precision Motion Control system, ensuring impeccable navigation of the night sky and precise tracking of celestial objects. This combination delivers superior observing and imaging performance at an affordable price point.

GOTO systems are crucial in the busy lives of amateur astronomers, reducing their valuable time spent searching for objects and allowing more time for observation and imaging. The PMC-Eight™, with versatile connections and free downloadable apps for Windows, Android, and iOS, or through the free ASCOM PMC-Eight™ driver and POTH Client, enables telescope control from nearby or remotely via computer-to-computer communication with an Internet connection.

A standout feature of the iEXOS-100 system is its German equatorial design, offering precise tracking as celestial objects move across the sky. This design is advantageous for both observers, keeping targets in the eyepiece, and imagers, preventing common astrophotography issues like field rotation.

Navigating the vast night sky becomes frustration-free with the iEXOS-100's powerful GOTO system. The integrated PMC-Eight™ system sets itself apart by employing an 8-core microcontroller with independent CPUs, ensuring superior responsiveness, efficiency, reliability, and rapid timing intervals for seamless image acquisition and accurate tracking.

Operation of the complex GOTO system is simplified through the user-friendly ExploreStars app, available for Apple, Android, or Windows tablets. The app facilitates quick telescope alignment, star navigation, and provides details about thousands of celestial objects with its regularly updated database.

The iEXOS-100's design prioritizes user convenience, featuring smooth locking clutches for swift telescope repositioning, an altitude knob for easy height adjustments, a polar alignment tunnel for rough alignment with Polaris, and a bubble level for stabilizing the tripod. Additional features include a bracket for the battery pack (powering the PMC-Eight™ system with 8 C batteries, not included), two 1 kg counterweights for balancing, and glow-in-the-dark markers for orientation during nighttime setups. The iEXOS-100 mount accommodates up to 19 lbs (scope, accessories, and counterweights combined), allowing for many possible portable configurations should you wish to switch to another optical tube assembly.

The mount assembly weighs 9.45 pounds (4.29 kg), and the tripod and accessory tray weigh 5.5 pounds (2.5 kg). The tripod, when collapsed is 27.25 inches (69.21 cm) tall.



Comes With Smartphone Adapter
One 25 mm Plössl Eyepiece
Red Dot Viewfinder
Downloadable Software
Magnification 125x
Focal Length 640mm focal length
Focal Ratio f/8
Adapter 40mm draw tube focuser; 1.25" 90° Diagonal;
Optical Diameter 80mm
Eyepiece (Included) 25 mm Plössl

Mount head weight Instrument 9.45 lbs.
Tripod weight 5.35 lbs.
Tripod fully collapsed, no mount head 25.5”
Tripod open, retracted legs, no mount head 25”
Tripod open, retracted legs with the mount head 38.5” at highest point, 36” to the center of the mounting bracket
Tripod open, legs fully extended, no mount head 42”
Tripod open, legs fully extended with the mount head 45” at highest point
Counterweights 1 kg each
Mount weight capacity Approx. 9 lbs (equipment weight only),15 lbs Photographic (equipment and counterweights); Approx. 19 lbs Visual (equipment and counterweights)


Limited USA One Year Warranty. Click Here to register.


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