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August 27 -September 4: Burning Man!

After thoughtful consideration, we have decided to pass on this event this year.  Burning Man! in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. They have an astronomy village and this will remain on our bucket list! 

Seriously, I'm really upset. NOT! I so wanted to go frolic in the desert. NOT! Actually, I'm seriously glad we didn't go. I hate sand in my butt crack!

It is something I'd like to do, but at 60+ years old, I don't really need that much excitement. 

Just to show you how cool this would have been (and may be in our future), the comically titled collective has taken to Kickstarter with an idea to build the Black Rock Observatory, or a real astronomical hub that will allow Burners a late night staring contest with the stars. Consisting of two 20-foot domes equipped with telescopic instruments capable of seeing into the depths of the universe, the structure is designed to celebrate the nexus of art and science so treasured by Black Rock City inhabitants. This is what they do at the Observatory...

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