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Here is a collection of videos with education in mind from actual users around the world as well as from our staff at Explore Scientific. 

The David H Levy Comet Hunter from YouTube reviewer - Slymin

Posted April 22, 2017. Slymin shows us the amazing features and versatility of the David H Levy Comet Hunter.

- ExploreStars App from YouTube Reviewer - Slymin

Posted April 20, 2017. Slymin shows us the basic operation and details shown in our ExploreStars Application used to control our telescopes via the PMC-Eight electronics. Two mounts are currently available using the PMC-Eight electronics and you can take a look at both mounts via this link: click here.


EXOS2GT with PMC-Eight Review from YouTube Reviewer - Slymin

Posted April 19, 2017. Take a look. He contacted us to borrow an EXOS2GT with PMC-Eight so we agreed. We think he was impressed!

Star Chasers Web Series: Episode 1

Star Chasers Web Series: Episode 2

Star Chasers Web Series: Episode 3




This is the introduction to an upcoming web series produced and edited by Jon Baker. Jon works at Explore Scientific in our Marketing Department. He is a seasoned videographer and has produced and edited multiple short films and documentaries. Starchasers is expected to be a 3 part series and will debut on August 1, 2016. The focus of this web series is on Amateur Astronomy - how cool and exciting and adventurous our hobby is. The series is intended to entice a broader demographic to our hobby. Enjoy and share this trailer with all those interested in the night sky. 

NEAF 2016 Product Showcase:


NEAF 2016 was over the top. Lot's of manufactures, vendor's and LOT's of amateur astronomers. It's the busiest we've ever seen it. Explore Scientific was slammed with people drooling all over our products. We showed our core products as well the introduction of a bunch of new products. This video showcases all of our great stuff.



Join Scott Roberts, Founder and President of Explore Scientific as he explains virtually everything you need to know about eyepieces.

Rack and Pinion focuser on select Air-Spaced Triplet refractors:


Join Greg Bragg, Director of Specialty Sales as he explains the features and functions of the Explore Scientific Rack and Pinion focuser on select Air-Spaced Triplet ED APO refractors. This info applies to the newer 80mm ED APO Essential Series refractor, 102mm ED APO Essential and Carbon Fiber refractor, 127mm ED APO Essential and Carbon Fiber refractor and the 152mm ED APO Carbon Fiber refractor.

Twilight I Slow-motion Alt/Az Mount and review by Burton Tsang:


Customer Burton Tsang explains the assembly of the Twilight I Mount on Jan 25, 2015 along with an excellent review posted on Feb 1, 2015 of this awesome mount. Nice job Burton!

ED Air-Spaced Triplets:


"Jack" has owned his ES Carbon Fiber 127mm ED APO for 11 months before this review on Jul 20, 2014. As you will see, he has lots of experience with the scope and focuses mostly on imaging. He explains the scope very thoroughly and gives plenty of detailed information.


Here's an out of-the-box review of the ED 80mm review by "TimTools99" posted on Sept 25, 2014. He made a comment about the lack of instruction books and we wanted you to know these are now included in every telescope, mount, and eyepiece. Nice review "TimTools99".

Ultra Light Weight Dobsonian Review by Dakota starry Nights:


This review was posted by "Dakota Starry Nights" on Nov 4, 2015. This is one of the first Dobsonian units in the US. The review was watched by several Explore Scientific employees and Executives. We made contact with "Dakota Starry Nights" to discuss the issues brought out in the review. All of these suggestions have been reviewed and presented to your manufacture. Nearly all of the suggestions have been implemented. We thank "Dakota Starry Nights" for his honesty and excellent review. 

Coma Corrector:


This review was posted by "Dakota Starry Nights" on Nov 4, 2015. He covers the details, the installation and how to focus the Explore Scientific Coma Corrector. Nice job "Dakota Starry Nights".