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NEAF 2017 - On our way home and where we go next

Greg Bragg and Scott Roberts are with Barbara Jean the Vintage Airstream at the famous Gateway Arch in St. Louis on our way home towards the new facility of Explore Scientific. We wanted to take time to invite you to our next event at Yerkes Observatory from May 26th - 28th where we will give you hands on experience with the latest Astronomy gear from Explore on the hallowed grounds of the birthplace of astro physics.

We will be giving a door prize of an Explore FirstLight telescope and mount package, and the staff of Yerkes is giving free night where you and 11 of your closest friends (Greg said 15 in the video but it's really 12 people) can win a chance to observe through the world's largest refractor, the historic 40-inch at Yerkes, a $1200 value!

It's sure to be a great time, and we hope you can join us!

Learn more about Explore Scientific Day at Yerkes Observatory:…/experiences-and-destinat…

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mark stapleton - April 23, 2017

where is this place@ and can I bring my dog, she goes everywhere anyway???

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