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Bresser Science ADL 601 F 40-1000x Microscope - 57-70500

by Bresser
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In the microscope’s basis, there are a transmitted light halogen illuminator (20 W) as well as the power supply and the continuous adjustable dimmers for reflected light and transmitted light. Both trinocular head attachments function with both illumination modes. They have also the possibilities of photography and binocular visual observation. The inclination of the eyepiece tubes is 30°. The fluorescence attachment includes a high-pressure mercury lamp (100 W) with an external power supply, a filter wheel and a radiation shield. The mercury lamp produces the exciting radiation (namely ultraviolet radiation) in order to get fluorescence. Accessories, which are necessary to be chosen, are excitation systems (with excitation filter, beam splitter and emission filter: green, blue, violet or ultraviolet) and fluorescence objectives (optional: 25x retractable, 40x-glycerine retractable, 100x-glycerine retractable). Fluorescence microscopy is done e. g. in biology, medicine, microchemistry, geology, semiconductor production and environmental protection. The Science ADL 601F is an instrument with an excellent value for money. It has also other features, which are typical for high-quality microscopes: fourfold objective nosepiece, lengthwise and cross the moveable stage, coaxial focusing knobs (concerning fine drive: 200 µm / full turn), adjustment of eye relief, diopter adjustment and the phototube. Optional available, general accessories are the wide field eyepieces (WF10x, WF16x), the dividing eyepiece (WF10x), different planachromatic DIN objectives (e.g. 4x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x retractable, 100x-oil retractable), the Abbe condenser (numerical aperture 1,25; with iris diaphragm and auxiliary lens), dark field condensers (dry and oil), immersion oil, the phase contrast set, a field diaphragm (in order to obtain Köhler illumination) and filters (blue, green, yellow, ground glass, polarization).


Item Number 57-70500
Optical design Biological
Magnification 40 - 1000x
Diopter setting œ“
View Trinocular
Color White
Product series Science
Warranty 10 Years
Total length 485 mm
Total width 210 mm
Total height 525 mm
Net Weight total (incl. accessories) 11.6 kg

CA Residents: Prop 65 WARNING(S)