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Directory of Explore Alliance Astrophotography Ambassadors

The Astrophotography Ambassadors of the Explore Alliance are individuals who are enabling the general public to understand a deeper level of scientific literacy by engaging a large audience through astrophotography. By revealing the cosmos in a way that can only be done through the expert techniques of and sharing of astrophotography, we believe that people become inspired to undertake a personal exploration of the universe, and in doing so become more scientifically literate.
These Astrophotography Ambassadors are available for imaging workshops, lectures, and for educational outreach. They are also there to consult with you to answer your questions about their fields of exploration and expertise. 


Explore Alliance Astrophotography Ambassadors - Chuck Ayoub

Chuck Ayoub
Astrophotographer - Outreach
An award-winning astrophotographer, Ayoub is best known around the world through Chuck's Astrophotography...

Explore Alliance Astrophotography Ambassadors - Howard Eskildsen
Howard Eskildsen
Selenographer - Astrophotographer - Outreach
Howard Eskildsen has submitted thousands of lunar and solar images that are published worldwide. Eager to share his love of the Moon and Sun, he shares his passion through his images, lectures, and articles...

Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Jason Guenzel
Jason Guenzel
Astrophotographer - Outreach
Recognized around the world as "The Vast Reaches", Guenzel is an  award-winning astrophotographer with tens of thousands of followers on social media...

Explore Alliance Ambassador - Jerry Hubbell
Jerry Hubbell
Science Imaging - Author - Outreach
Assistant Director of the Mark Slade Remote Observatory (MSRO) and VP Engineering...

Explore Alliance Astrophotography Ambassadors - Terry Mann
Terry Mann
Astrophotography - Lecturer - Outreach
A lifelong astronomer and astrophotographer, Terry Mann is a former two-time President of the Astronomical League. Terry's interest in the stars started with her earliest memories...

Explore Alliance Ambassador - Alain Maury
Alain Maury
Astrophotography - Lecturer - Outreach
Photographic scientist for the second Palomar Observatory sky survey, professional...

Explore Alliance Ambassador - Jack Newton
Jack Newton
Astrophotography - Lecturer - Author
Astronomer, best known for his publications and images in amateur astrophotography...

Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Gary Palmer
Gary Palmer
Astrophotography - Lecturer - Outreach
A Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and Assistant Director of the Equipment and Technical Section of the British Astronomical Association, Palmer gives lectures with his inspiring images of the Sun and deep sky objects to draw the audience in to learn and explore more...

Explore Alliance Ambassador - Tom Pickett
Tom Pickett
Astrophotography - Lecturer - Outreach
Manages one of the world's largest online astronomy clubs, the ‘Facebook Astronomy...

Explore Alliance Ambassador - John Unkovich
John Unkovich
Astrophotographer - Outreach
Founded the Columbia Astronomers. Established in 2011, the astronomy club...

Explore Alliance Astrophotography Ambassador - Molly Wakeling
Molly (AstronoMolly) Wakeling
Astrophotographer - Outreach
Currently pursuing her PhD in Physics at University of California, Berkeley, she is a AAVSO Ambassador actively involved in outreach to reach a broad audience. 

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