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Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Dan Skoff

Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Dan Skoff
Fayetteville, AR USA
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Dan Skoff, a member of both the National Weather Association and the American Meteorological Society (AMS) is the Chief Meteorologist for the NBC Affiliate Station, KNWA
Skoff's passion for weather started he was a young boy. Often he would climb to the upper floor or sometimes to the roof of his house to watch approaching storms while his family headed for the basement. At eight years old, he knew he was going to make a living as a meteorologist when a tornado came within a quarter mile from his house.
“I’ll never forget how black the clouds were on the horizon before the tornado, it was almost surreal. Right after the storm, there was this big bright beautiful rainbow and you could hear the birds chirping in the trees. We walked a little distance in our neighborhood, and there before us was complete devastation. I was hooked from that moment.” 
Dan Skoff's extensive knowledge of extreme weather was gained through his experiences and by attending the University of Oklahoma where he received a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology. Skoff has had years of on-air experience starting with the CBS affiliate KWTV/Oklahoma City in 1998, where for three years he became a professional media storm tracker and alerted the public to severe weather. In Amarillo, Texas he was the weekend meteorologist for the NBC and FOX affiliate KAMR/KCIT, Dan then worked as the weekend meteorologist for KARK (sister station to KNWA) in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Dan Skoff holds a CBM (Certified Broadcast Meteorologist) certificate and is AMS certified.
An expert storm chaser, Dan has captured stunning weather video. Since his first storm chase in 1996, he has tracked and observed over 90 tornadoes, including the tornadoes of the 1999 deadly outbreak in Oklahoma which spawned the Bridge Creek - Moore F5 Tornado with the highest ever recorded wind speeds of over 302 mph, of which Skoff observed the initial formation of. 
Dan Skoff shares his expertise to interpret tornado formation and radar data.
A large part of Skoff's mission is to educate the general public to improve scientific literacy through interpreting weather data and to encourage youth to understand the science of meteorology. He does this by sharing his expertise by getting involved with the community with lectures in public schools, live social media broadcasting where he will answer questions from the watching audience, and attending special venues. 
Honors and Awards
Dan Skoff of KNWA Wins Emmy!
In 2016, Dan Skoff won the Mid-America EMMY award for best weathercast.

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