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Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Donnie and Donna Houston


Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Donna and Donnie Houston

Elkins, Arkansas

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Donnie Houston - earned a doctorate degree in pharmacy at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, as well as a master’s in astronomy and a bachelor's degree in zoology, both from Arkansas State University

His first hands-on telescope experience was in High School using a Celestron C8 Schmidt-Cassegrain. Astronomy has been a passion since the mid 1970s.  After graduation, he purchased an Edmund Scientific Newtonian telescope and a small refractor. Since that time, he has never been without a telescope and the passion to use it. 

Donna Houston earned a bachelor's degree in Spanish at Ouachita Baptist University. and has recently earned a bachelor's degree in English, with concentration in creative writing, from the University of Arkansas. 


Together Donnie and Donna have started Arkstar Astronomy, an organization that is committed to outreach through programs, visual astronomy, astrophotography, as well as products and services that help facilitate those programs. 

Through the organization they have provided educational opportunities to the local Scouts BSA, and are advocates in the fight against light pollution. 

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