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California USA
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Nadine Froesch is an American lecturer, writer, and poet who overcame tragedy from a terrible car crash from a drunk driver and found an important turning point in her life from a chance encounter at a telescope viewing of Saturn.


What is my Saturn 

What is my Saturn there in the light.
Cloaked in darkness, oh so bright; in the heavens your rings’ surround. 
Round and round truth abounds. 
Dance! Dance! Beckons your light. 
My life, my eyes stretched to see; your radiance profounds the small bits of me. 
Connect me, connect me to your greater light. I look, I see; soul dances with delight. 
Saturn, Saturn you’re there if one wants to see. 
Profound, profound, small, larger than me.
I’ve seen you there quietly a mirror for me; waiting, waiting that I might see. 
I made the choice; see to see.
I felt, I felt; feeling to see. 
So small you are, your largeness there. My bigness sunk; your grandness there.  
Saturn, Saturn your quietness so bright. I looked, I saw. 
Your mirror, my light.
© 2020 Nadine Froesch

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