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Explore Alliance Youth Ambassadors - Nicole Oliveira

Explore Alliance Ambassador - Nicole Oliveira
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Nicole Oliveira is the youngest Amateur Astronomer in the world with a certificate of the Initiation to Astronomy course by CEAAL (Center for Astronomical Studies of Alagoas) at the age of 6.  The course was from 12 years old but she managed to join and start a big change in the scenario of astronomy courses in Brazil.

She is also one of the youngest astronomers looking for asteroids, as part of a NASA-affiliated program, attending international seminars and meeting with Brazil's top space and science figures. The project, called Asteroid Hunters, is meant to introduce young people to science by giving them a chance to make space discoveries of their own. 

Recognitions and Awards

On December 9th, 2021 Nicole Oliveira received a Medal of Honor for her active participation and being one of the top asteroid hunters in the asteroid hunting program, a partnership between the MCTI and the IASC/NASA. Oliveira has also been recognized as a child prodigy by the Global Child Prodigy Awards


On her YouTube channel, Nicole has interviewed influential figures like the Brazilian astronomer Duilia de Mello, who took part in the discovery of a supernova called SN 1997D.

Oliveira traveled to Brasilia to meet with the minister of science as well as with the astronaut Marcos Pontes, the only Brazilian to date to have been to space.

Nicole Oliveira is currently available for virtual lectures. 

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