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Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Simon Lewis


Explore Alliance Ambassador - Simon Lewis 

Darfield, New Zealand

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Simon Lewis - is an astrophotographer and lecturer in Darfield, located in southern part of New Zealand.

He has been involved in astronomy since an early age, mentored by a family member while living in the South UK. He became an active ham radio operator at age 14 and focused heavily on space radio topics such as aurora, meteor scatter and moon bounce. He has made many successful contacts with Russians MIR space station, the International Space Station, and space shuttles.

In 1984 Simon moved to Scotland and was enthralled by the bright aurora visible from his home in the Highlands. It was a natural progression to move to astrophotography. This became his main pastime after emigrating to New Zealand in 2008.

When not imaging from his home observatory he is organizing public lectures and outreach events for Canterbury Astronomical Society and occasionally appears on Explore Scientific’s live broadcasts


Simon is currently Vice President of the Canterbury Astronomical Society, one of oldest astronomical societies in the southern hemisphere. He plays a lead role in the engagement of the public through CAS outreach program for adults and STEM programs for children.

These outreach activities bring visitors from all over the world to New Zealand where CAS members showcase the amazing southern-hemisphere skies. He lectures to many of these visitors, acting as an ambassador for New Zeeland dark skies.

Simon has written beginner guides for the basics of astrophotography and astronomy for Astronomy magazines. He also writes equipment reviews and educational articles for CAS. 

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