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Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Zachary Hall

Explore Alliance Ambassador - Zachary Hall
Greenwood, AR USA
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Zachary Hall has always had a keen interest in weather, stretching back to my teenage years. Growing up in central Oklahoma, he experienced some of the wildest weather that Mother Nature has to offer.

After graduating high school and transiting into college, life took him in different directions, but he never lost my touch and interest for weather. After college, Zachary resumed researching meteorological study and storm chasing techniques. 

Since then, Hall has chased severe weather every year in numerous states across the country. His goal as a “storm chaser” has been to collect information, warn others and document different aspects of our weather. 

Zachary Hall helps to track severe weather locally for KNWA in northwest Arkansas. He is also a founder of the “Vortex Crew” a group of storm chasers from assorted states across the country.  And he works in an emergency services capacity in western Arkansas for the last three years.

He is most proud, however, to be a husband to his wife Jordan and a father to his young son Rhett.  

Hall has received commendations in his work in Emergency Management, and he uses his expertise within the storm chasing community and through the Vortex Crew with nearly 80,000 followers to inform and educate the public about severe weather in order to be better prepared. 

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