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How do I control the PMC-Eight mount over the Internet?

It is possible to configure the wireless interface (Microchip RN-131 module) to connect to a router providing access to the Internet although that is not the default configuration.   Alternatively, you can connect to a Remote Access Server (RAS) such as TeamViewer or TightVNC running on a local computer system connected to your PMC-Eight over the Internet from anywhere in the world. 
The default PMC-Eight communications configuration is to connect to the ExploreStars application using an Ad Hoc (stand-alone) WiFi connection. Currently we do not provide a Technical Note on how to specifically configure the WiFi module to connect directly to your WAN router, or the Internet, but our technical note gives you the information needed to do it yourself: 
NOTE: This Application Note is only applicable to PMC-Eight Model 2A (G11, EXOS2) , the PMC-Eight Model 1A (iEXOS 100) WiFi cannot be reconfigured to connect to the Internet. 
PMC8-AN002: Connecting to the PMC-Eight with a Terminal Program to Configure the RN-131 WiFi Interface and Switching Between the WiFi Interface and the Serial Interface
This document describes the process using the technical manual for the Microchip RN-131 Module available on the Microchip website. 
Alternatively, you can download and install a free version of TightVNC and configure your local computer as a Remote Access Server for remotely operating your PMC-Eight mount along with your other astronomical equipment. 
If you change the configuration and need to change it back to the original configuration, the Application Note provides instructions on how to go back to those default settings.