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FAQ: How do I use an auto guiding camera with the PMC-Eight system?

Autoguiding With the PMC-Eight

You can control your PMC-Eight system using an auto guiding camera via either a standard ST4 auto guiding cable, or through the ASCOM driver PulseGuide() function.  Using a standard ST4 auto guiding cable, you can connect your camera between your camera's guide port and your PMC-Eight controller's ST4 port.  When using the pulse-guiding function in the ASCOM driver, you will be able to auto-guide wirelessly when connecting the driver via WiFi or wired when connecting via the serial communications port (channel). Any program such as PHD2 that can utilize the ASCOM PulseGuide method is be able to then auto-guide your PMC-Eight mount. 


Ref: auto guiding; auto-guiding; autoguiding