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How do I use my new Explore Scientific Right Angle Illuminated Finder Scope?

  1. Make sure that the finder scope is aligned to the main scope in the normal way.
  1. Align the equatorial mount for the north star (Polaris) here in the northern hemisphere. In the southern hemisphere you use Sigma Octans.
  1. Turn on the reticle's small illuminator by turning the knob clockwise until the desired brightness is achieved.
  1. Then rotate the entire eyepiece (it will turn easily, there is no lock) The user will see the pole star in the field with other stars around it in its wide field. The user tries to rotate the eyepiece (which is rotating the reticle) until there is a near match of the reticle's pattern.
  1. Then the user adjusts the EQ mounts altitude and azimuth adjustments until the pole star and other stars match the reticle pattern perfectly.