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Microscope Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Professional Microscope Cleaning and Maintenance 

Explore Scientific offers Professional Microscope Cleaning and Maintenance services for most brands of biological, metallurgical, and other types of optical (light) microscopes. 

Substances like immersion oils, balsams, paraffin, grease, and dust can build up on your microscope and its optics, and like any optical instrument, once they become dirty you start to lose contrast and resolution of fine details. Mechanical stages and focus mechanisms sometimes need adjustment, binocular heads sometimes lose collimation, illuminators need cleaning and repairing, etc.

The best way to keep microscope optics clean is to clean them yourself after each use. Keep compressed air, photographic-grade lens cleaning tissues, cotton swabs, and a camel hair brush handy to keep the oculars and objective lenses clean. Wipe down the non-optical parts with 99% pure isopropyl alcohol and lint-free tissues (e.g. Kim Wipes by Kleenex). Keeping your microscope properly maintained can keep them in perfect working order for a lifetime. Inspect the power cord, switches, and plugs for good working order and have a supply of replacement bulbs available. Cover the microscope to keep dust off the instrument and store in a clean dry area when not in use. 

If you need professional service, please contact Explore Scientific Customer Service at (866) 252-3811 or submit a service ticket for an initial quote.