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PMC-Eight Application Note: AN002 How-To Configure and Switch Between the WiFi and Serial Connections


Application Note: DOC-ESPMC8-AN002 Rev. 0.1 2017 July 17  

If you are a member of the PMC-Eight Forum, then you can download and install the “PMC-Eight Configuration Manager” application created by Chris Moses which provides a simple way to configure and switch the communications channels on your  PMC-Eight system. You can find the file in the MAIN group – Files – User Contributions directory.

NOTE1: You must have a DB9 Serial to USB Adapter Cable to configure and switch between the WiFi wireless and Serial connection as detailed in the application note. It is recommended that you use an adapter that utilizes an FTDI chipset. 

If you have any comments or questions about this Application Note, please contact customer support at or at 1-866-252-3811 ext. 2.