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TIP: Save time when restarting your PMC-Eight Controller


If you want to reset your telescope's position back to PARK manually by loosening the clutches when using the ExploreStars application, you don't need to go through reconnecting the network or shutting down and restarting the application.

NOTE: This TIP is only applicable to the PMC-Eight Model 2A delivered with the G11 and EXOS 2 mount systems. 

All you must do is push the little reset button next to the power cable connection on the PMC-Eight control box. This will reboot the controller processor without disconnecting from the ExploreStars application.  When the PMC-Eight reboots, the ExploreStars application will reestablish communications with the PMC-Eight and the coordinates will update automatically on the display showing the PARK position (North Celestial Pole).  This process will save you the extra time it would take to reconnect to the PMC-Eight SSID on the network settings and shutting down and starting back up the ExploreStars application.