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Wendee Levy
1948 - 2022

Wendee Wallach-Levy, born in 1948, was a dedicated amateur astronomer, renowned for her significant contributions to the field and her extensive career in education. As the wife of comet discoverer David H. Levy, Wendee made a lasting impact on both the astronomical community and the lives of countless students.

Education and Career in Teaching:

Wendee earned her B.S.E. at SUNY Cortland in 1970 and later pursued her M.A.T. at New Mexico State in 1975. Her enthusiasm for education led her to a 26-year career as a Physical Education teacher in the Las Cruces Public Schools. Notably, she served as the Athletic Director during the last five years of her tenure, demonstrating her leadership and commitment to fostering athletic excellence.

Throughout her career, Wendee coached various sports, including volleyball, basketball, softball, track and field, and swimming, leaving an indelible mark on the students she mentored.

Volunteer and Outreach Efforts:

Wendee's dedication extended beyond the classroom. She devoted thousands of hours to the Red Cross, where she became an instructor trainer educator in water safety, first aid, and CPR. Her passion for outreach continued as she became Secretary-Treasurer of the National Sharing the Sky Foundation, an organization committed to inspiring people to look up at the stars.

Jarnac Observatory and Discoveries:

Upon her retirement from teaching in 1996, Wendee joined the Jarnac Observatory in Arizona, where she served as Director. Engaging in the observatory's comet survey, she actively planned and assisted with public astronomy outreach. Her involvement extended to co-hosting the internet radio program "Let's Talk Stars."

Wendee's contributions to the field of astronomy were recognized by the International Astronomical Union in 1996 when Asteroid 6485 Wendeesther was named in her honor. She went on to co-discover 28 asteroids between Mars and Jupiter, showcasing her prowess as an astronomer.


Wendee Wallach-Levy's impact on education, astronomy, and outreach is commemorated in the asteroid Cortland, named after her alma mater, officially approved by the International Astronomical Union in 2004.

Wendee Esther Wallach Levy passed away in 2022, leaving behind a legacy of passion, discovery, and a commitment to sharing the wonders of the sky with the world.

You can learn more about Wendee Levy in this obituary.


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