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Explore Alliance Presents: How Do You KNOW? – Episode #4: 'Modeling the Moon's Surface in Clay

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One of the great problems with teaching visual astronomy, or introducing anyone new to the activity, is simply the great number of images that we are exposed to each day. Some scientists estimate that a young person (under 25) spends over 12 hours exposed to media each day and sees upward of 10,000 images each day, some 6,000 of these may be advertisements. With this bombardment of images, a view through the telescope becomes ‘just one more’ in a deluge of imagery.

Simply put, the key to bringing some wonder back to the telescope eyepiece lies in how much knowledge we bring to the eyepiece! Just as with art or music, a bit of education can greatly enrich the experience, especially for a young student. The first view of the Moon through a telescope can, and should be a transformative experience. This activity presented by Dr. Barth will help bring the wonder back into your astronomy experiences on 'How Do You KNOW?'