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Explore Alliance Presents: How Do You KNOW? – Episode #54: "Exploring Valles Marineris"

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 The European Space Agency’s Exobiology on Mars (ExoMars) program has included a series of missions designed to study the potential for past life. The delivery of the drone  Rosalind Franklin is the next step for ExoMars. Rosalind Franklin is equipped with cameras and a drill. This will allow the rover to drill up to two meters to collect data from the sub-surface of the planet.

In todays Episode Dr Barth will talk about the Rosalind Franklin rover, Volcanism on Mars and Valles Marineris. He will go into detail on How the Valles Marineris was formed and why it is not a canyon. He will also discuss the complex history of the Mariner's Valley. This will be intriguing and educational discussion. 

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