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Vixen SX2 GoTo Mount with Star Book One Controller

by Vixen
SKU ES25071
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  • Declination body acting as part of counterweight
  • Retractable counterweight bar
  • STAR BOOK ONE dual-axis controller


The SX2 equatorial mount offers simple and easy operation of your telescope with a newly developed STAR BOOK ONE dual-axis handheld controller. With Vixen's accurate micro-step motion control technology, the SX2 mount achieves highly stable and smooth rotations of the pulse motors. The SX2 mount is a good choice for starting the first step to serious celestial observing.

The massive motor units are placed in the lower part of the declination body so that the center of balance of the SX2 shifts below the intersection of the RA and Dec axis. This makes the lower portion of the declination body perform as a counterweight and allow the mount to work with less counterweight.

Durable stainless steel is used for the counterweight bar. It is moved back into the mount body for storage by loosing the bar lock lever. It is convenient for transporting the mount and for easy set up.

The SX2 mount comes with the STAR BOOK ONE controller featuring a variety of functions in a simple design. Designed for ease of use, the lightweight STAR BOOK ONE moves the SX2 mount on the X and Y dual axis (RA and Dec directions). Versatile tracking options are available in addition to sidereal and solar tracking rates. Backlash compensation, autoguider port and built-in red LED light are some of the useful functions of the STAR BOOK ONE.


RA slow motion Worm and wheel gears with 180-tooth whole circle micro movement, 72mm in diameter
DEC slow motion Worm and wheel gears with 180-tooth whole circle micro movement, 72mm in diameter
Worm shaft 9mm in diameter, brass
RA and DEC axis RA: 40mm in diameter, aluminum alloy die casting, Dec: 35mm in diameter, aluminum alloy
Number of bearings 5 pieces
Counterweight bar 20mm in diameter retractable, stainless steel
Polar scope Optional, Illuminator is pre-installed in the mount
Altitude adjustment range Latitude adjustable between 0 degree and 70 degrees in 2 degrees increments(high, middle and low altitude settings at +/-15 degrees range of each)
Azimuth fine adjustments Twin screw knobs (1.2 degrees per rotation)
Altitude fine adjustments Tangent screw (0.8 degrees per rotation)
Motor drive Pulse motors with micro-step motion control (250 pps)
Automatic slewing High precision tracking with STAR BOOK ONE, 1,000X of sidereal rate at maximum slewing speed (X999 on display)
Photographic loading weight 12 kg (Maximum torque load: 300 kg-cm at a point of 25cm from the place where the RA and Dec axes cross.)
Controller connecting port D-SUB9PIN Male
Power connecting port DC12V EIAJ RC5320A Class4
Working voltage, Electricity consumption DC12V, 0.3A - 2.0A, With SX cigarette-lighter plug cord (center plus polarity)
Size 343 x 360 x 128 mm
Weight 7 kg (without counterweight)
Counterweight bar 1.9 kg


Vixen warranties its products to be free from initial defects in materials and workmanship for a specified period based on part type:

Vixen Electronic Parts: Limited One Year Warranty

Vixen Mechanical Parts: Limited Two Year Warranty

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