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Vixen Telescope Wide Photo Adapter 60DX for Nikon

by Vixen
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High precision photo adapter with durability that is dedicated to prime focus astrophotography.

This is adapter rings to connect a Nikon DSLR camera* to the telescope focusers with 60mm thread drawtube. The wide photo adapter 60DX for Nikon provides preciseness and durability that are a level higher than the standard wide photo adapters 60mm thanks to an enhancement of the materials and construction. The inside diameter of the adapter ring is widened to decrease light loss around the edge of field of view. It matches with a full-frame image sensor perfectly. *With Nikon F-mount. Not available for Nikon X-mount and Nikon 1-mount.

The inner adapter ring for attaching to a camera body is made of brass to enduer long time use. It is constructed sturdy by enlarging the size and thicknerss. The 6 pieces of lock screws hold the camera body securely. The lock screws have a resin tip on the top portion so that you can make the lock screws contact close to the inner adapter ring. Also the supplied M5 grub screw is usable if a low profile screw is necessary.

The diameter of the inner adapter ring is enlarged with the dedicated camera mount adopted. (52mm of the new mount ring in diameter from 43.5mm.) This decreases vignetting and helps in reducing loss of light around the edge of field of view. Light blocking threads and elaborated mat finish eliminate stray light completely.

It is designed to use with the M60 threaded focusers that are standard for the Vixen optical tubes. Also, it is compatible with the Vixen focal reducers and corrector lenses. The conventional wide photo adapter 60mm is exchangeable for this new wide photo adapter.

The long and short lock screws are provided for the camera rotation. Setting the L and S lock screws alternatively may avoid the lock screws hitting the camera body. Moreover, the interference may be prevented by exchanging to the grub screw supplied.


Attaching threads 60mm pitch 0.75mm, 56mm pitch 0.75mm
Camera mount Nikon F mount
Camera rotation Possible
Supplied parts 6 of pre-installed lock screws L, 6 of supplementary lock screws S, 1 of M5 grub screw, 2.5mm Allen wrench
Applicability VSD100F3.8 and R200SS OTAs are most recommended. A80Mf, A105M, SD81S, SD103S, SD115S, AX103S, FL55SS, VC200L, VMC200L, VMC260, VMC330.
Size of the outer adapter ring 81mm diameter and 326.5mm thick
Weight 170 g


Vixen warranties its products to be free from initial defects in materials and workmanship for a specified period based on part type:

Vixen Electronic Parts: Limited One Year Warranty

Vixen Mechanical Parts: Limited Two Year Warranty

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